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FIFA 22 Fernandinho End of an Era Card

Fernandinho’s End of an Era card is a pretty decent one with some nice stats. It is obtainable in the Brazil, Premier League, and Tactical Emulation modes in FIFA 22. This card is not too expensive to obtain and you won’t need to worry about spending a ton of coins to get it. In fact, it should only cost you around 187,000 FUT Coins on PlayStation, Xbox, and Origin PC.

The End of an Era Fernandinho card has higher ratings than the original gold card, which means you can improve Fernandinho’s skills with this card. It can be obtained after you complete the Squad Building Challenge. To acquire the card, you must have at least three squads. You can also earn this card when you complete the Tactical Emulation SBC. It features stats such as Physical (+18), Passing (+17), and Dribbling (+16).

Fernandinho’s End of an Era-Karte is a great way to improve your skills in FIFA 22. It also features new abilities that make it easier to pass the ball and dribble. This card will give you an edge over your opponents, so you need to play against three different teams in order to unlock the new abilities.

You can also obtain the Fernandinho FUT Captains card by completing three squads with unique stats. However, you’ll need to buy at least 409,000 FUT coins to obtain this card. The stats that you can get with the FUT Captains card include his shot power of 92, his Short Passing of 97, and his Reactions of 95. He also has medium workrates and weight of 67kg.

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