What Does a Postage Stamp Symbolize?

If you are wondering what does a postage stamp symbolize, it’s important to understand the story behind the stamp’s design. Postage stamps honor historical figures that have had important contributions to the American culture. Early First Ladies embodied the spirit of the new nation, and their likenesses became subject matter for legends. Other women who made their mark on America are also honored with stamps. For example, one stamp honors Virginia Dare, who was born on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, in 1587. She aided English settlers in the “Lost Colony” by delivering food to them.

The history of postage stamps dates back to the early nineteenth century, when a new postal system was instituted. During this time, the postal system was in a state of disarray and corruption, and stamps were an important part of this effort to restore public confidence in the postal system. The first stamps had images of kings, presidents, ships, birds, and famous people. Later stamps had images of holiday themes, sports, comics, and hobbies.

Today, USPS has a postage stamp honoring Virginia Dare, an early explorer. She was a staunch patriot during the Revolution, and her story is one that represents many other patriots. The design of this stamp was created by Charles H. Weisgerber and exhibited at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. It gained public attention and led to the formation of the American Flag House, as well as the Betsy Ross Memorial Association.

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